Sunday, February 14, 2010

A VERY pleasant surprise

So, I've been trying to buy American. It isn't easy. Today, I went to the gun show in Lexington, and had a great time. I stopped by a knife booth that carried Kershaw knives. Now, I love Kershaw knives. They are, hands down, the best production knives made. They are manufactured by Kai Cutlery of Japan, which doesn't fit my buy-American resolution, but I love the Kershaw Ken Onion designed "Leek" model. It's clean, efficient, and surgically sharp. Everything I want in a knife. I wanted the plain model, but the seller - from my native Harrodsburg no less! - was out, left only with models sporting various decorations.

I chose the model with an American flag on the handle - something I love dearly - and commented to the seller on the irony of buying a Japanese knife with an American flag logo.

He smiled, turned the knife over, and showed me the "Made in USA" tag on the blade. No kidding. My favorite knife is made right here at home. Kai holds the patents involved, but at least some of the Leeks are made domestically. I got exactly what I wanted and got to support an American manufacturer and a small-business entrepreneur from my hometown.

What a fantastic day!

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  1. Good find on a Made In USA Kershaw. So many of them I run across nowadays have China stamped on them.

    Someone gifted me a newer Old Timer Sharpfinger, in return for a favor, which was made in China. It doesn't hold a candle to my USA made Sharpfinger with plain old carbon steel. I also ended up with a Bear and Son small skinner (similar to the Sharpfinger) which is another USA made dandy. The Sharpfinger made in China won't hold an edge very well. Both small Made In the USA skinners hold a fantastic edge. In my opinion there is nothing better than USA made knives.